Welcome to the wonderful world of Pet Sitting! Well, I hope my posts will give you a glimpse into my experience of pet sitting at least.

There have been many times during my three years of being a professional pet sitter that I have realized just what an unusual and fortunate position I am in at this point in my life. One of my most striking experiences of being a pet sitter was realizing one day while cleaning a litter box that I would much rather be doing that than sitting in an office writing a memo or attending another meeting. That realization really struck me! It was a pretty graphic expression of my feelings for my past life as member of “cubicle nation”. (I’ve told that story to clients who have actually asked if I “do” litter boxes. Sure I clean litter boxes! Would you really want a pet sitting who didn’t???)

Of course, I’ve had even more enjoyable times as a pet sitter! Walking a great dog down a beautiful street in Atlanta in the springtime is something special. It’s easy at those times to be grateful for where I’m at today.

Now, don’t get me wrong – everything in an office wasn’t awful and everything involved in pet sitting isn’t wonderful! It’s just that given a choice (and I’ve given myself the choice!) I’ll choose working with pets and people who love their pets over spreadsheets and annual budgets any day!

I hope, in future posts, to let you in on the day to day life of this pet sitter. I would love for this to be an interactive experience, so if you have any topics you would like to see covered, please let me know. And please feel free to comment!


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