Your Plan

We will work together to design a plan of care as unique as both you and your four-legged family member(s). Options include:

  • A mid-day walk while you’re at work
  • Visits built around you pet’s routine while you’re out of town
  • Flexibility to fit your personal schedule

Your pet enjoys quality time in his own environment and is relaxed, healthy, and happy to see you when you return home!


The standard rate for a 30 minute visit from Like My Own Pet Sitting is $22.

This per visit rate includes feeding, walking/play time, giving simple medications, and general care for your pet(s). The fee is based on one pet and/or 30 minutes. If you have additional pets or if additional time is needed per visit, an extra charge may apply. Since any add-on fee is based on individual circumstances, we can discuss this prior to our initial meeting.

Oh—the love, care, and commitment your pets will receive comes at no extra charge!


When you select me as your pet sitter, we are beginning a partnership. We both want what’s best for your pet(s) and so need to have clear and open communication. These policies are mostly just common sense, but I want to make sure we both understand and agree on some basic guidelines. Please look them over and if you have questions, give me a call, or we can discuss your questions during our initial meeting. You will be asked to sign a copy of the policies before beginning service.

Download Policies PDF

Serving Decatur and surrounding neighborhoods, Druid Lake, Leafmore-Creek Park Hills, Medlock Park, North Druid Hills, Oak Grove, Sagamore Hills, Sargent Hills, Valley Brook Estates, among others.